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 A Collaboration to Greatness: Metavurx Studios, FEU Alabang, FEU Tech, and FEU Diliman Signed a Memorandum of Agreement 

Metavurx Studios and FEU Alabang, Tech, and Diliman recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), marking an important milestone. This collaboration aims to strengthen the academic-industry linkage, which will benefit both the game industry and students. The event, which took place on the FEU Alabang campus, gathered enthusiastic faculty members, administrators, and the team from Metavurx Studios. 

Metavurx Studios and FEU Memorandum of Agreement

This agreement is the beginning of the collaborative effort to bridge the gap between industry practices and academic learning. Students enrolled in the FEU Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and BSIT specializing in Animation and Game Development programs will get access to state-of-the-art motion capture, game development, and animation technology through this MOA. And this will help Metavurx Studios gain new ideas and perspectives from the students, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. 


Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony 

During the event, Engr. Remelita Avenido, Executive Director of FEU Alabang, said she’s so excited for the students to gain insights about the technology. She added that it is an exciting opportunity for the students as this will give them an additional edge. 

Mr. Jarvis Muyargas, Senior Director for Administration of FEU Alabang, Diliman, and Tech, expressed his enthusiasm and looked forward to the collaboration. He also added how fascinated they were when they checked our website with how minimalist yet detailed it is. Muyargas also expressed how amazed he was watching our project reel, as the animations seemed very realistic and high-quality. 


While FEU was fascinated with our work, Metavurx Studios was amazed by their commitment to excellence in education. Their future plans to expand the horizons of education to give their students more of an edge in the industry also impressed our team. 

The agreement outlines key initiatives intended to help FEU students’ professional and educational growth. These initiatives will give students the chance to work alongside industry professionals through workshops, internships, and collaborative projects. Students who take part in these programs will gain practical experience and skills that are essential to their future careers. 

Furthermore, FEU will extend invitations and collaboration support to Metavurx Studios during events that can benefit the studio. By working together, Metavurx Studios and FEU hope to establish a vibrant learning atmosphere that encourages originality, creativity, and excellence. And this MOA is an evidence of their dedication to nurture the next generation of industry leaders. 

Impact and Future Prospects 

The event last Wednesday is expected to significantly impact both Metavurx Studios and FEU. This collaboration will benefit FEU by giving students exceptional opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in practical settings. And this will also help them be prepared to start their careers in the gaming and animation industries. 

While Metavurx Studios will gain new ideas and talents that the students will provide. Both Metavurx and FEU will strive more to inspire and empower the next innovators of the industry with this collaboration. 

In photo: Samantha Sadorra, Jarvis Muyargas, Paulyn Garcia, Engr. Remelita Avenido, Engr. Reynaldo Muli, Mervin Sanding LPT MGT, Neil Fernandez Jr., Pia Opeña, Jonel Joshua Rosales 

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