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Introducing Motion Capture and Game Development: A Highlight of NU Laguna Senior High School’s Immersion Trip at Metavurx Studios 

game development industry

Motion Capture and Game Development Industry: On June 11 and 13, 2024, NU Laguna Senior High School students visited Metavurx Studios as part of their educational immersion program. The visit was intended to give students a thorough understanding of the motion capture, game development, and animation industries.  As soon as they arrived, students were clearly excited to explore the possibilities of digital creativity. This immersion trip was carefully designed to bridge the knowledge gap between academic study and practical industry applications. It provided a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and understanding from industry experts.  Exploring the Animation and Game Development Industry  To kick off the tour, the team from Metavurx Studios gave a thorough introduction to the game development industry. The students were presented with the fundamentals of game design, such as user experience, visuals, sound, and gaming mechanics. The team also provided insights into the creative process, from the first concept to the final product release.  Students were able to observe how their academic knowledge may be utilized in a practical situation through this hands-on experience. The session highlighted creativity and teamwork to make hit games, inspiring students to consider careers in this exciting field. After the game creation session, the dynamic field of animation came into focus.  The many phases of animation production—from concept conception to final rendering—were covered in class. Character design, storyboarding, and animation techniques were among the behind-the-scenes activities that most interested the students.  Additionally, Metavurx Studios displayed its portfolio, which included animated creations and a showreel of the company. This workshop provided an excellent basis for comprehending the challenges and benefits of the animation business.  Understanding Motion Capture Technology  The last part of the visit was devoted to mocap technology, which is essential to creating animation and video games. The history, development, and industrial uses of motion capture were covered for the students. Also, a captivating demonstration of Xsens mocap was given, illustrating how human gestures are recorded and converted into digital animations.   Students engaged in a live motion capture session and tested on gloves and a mocap suit, which both Matthew Lim and Kelly Cueto tried. Through hands-on experience, they observed how easily their movements are converted into digital reference, enhancing their understanding of the technology. In addition, students left the studio informed and inspired, with a greater understanding of the value of accuracy and originality in mocap.  Conclusion and Impact on Students  NU Laguna Senior High School students had an enriching educational immersion at Metavurx Studios. They learned a lot about these dynamic fields through the presentations about motion capture, game creation, and animation. Moreover, the practical understanding from professional insights and hands-on experiences bridged the knowledge gap between classroom teaching and industry application.   This visit helped them gain more technical understanding and stoked their interest in digital creativity. As they utilize the knowledge they acquired at Metavurx Studios, this immersion will influence their future academic and professional decisions. We are also committed to nurturing and developing the next generation of talents to contribute significantly to the gaming and entertainment industry. 

Introducing Motion Capture: A Highlight of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University’s Educational Trip at Metavurx Studios

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

IT and Multimedia Arts students from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University from General Santos City, South Cotabato, recently organized an educational trip and flew to visit Metavurx Studios. The objective of the visit was to provide students with a firsthand experience of cutting-edge technology and industry practices. Students were so eager to learn about the latest motion capture technology developments.  Notre Dame of Dadiangas University at Metavurx Studios  Exploring Motion Capture Technology  Throughout their visit, students learned about various aspects of Metavurx Studios’ operations. They also gained insights into the latest developments in motion capture technology, which is utilized in game development and animation. During the presentation, a detailed overview of motion capture technology’s functions and applications in various industries was provided.  Q&A and Interactive Session  After the presentation, students were free to ask questions regarding matters that they wanted to clarify or confirm. They also had the opportunity to interact with our team, getting insightful answers and advice on their career aspirations.  Metavurx Studios arranged an interactive session, allowing students to try the gloves and get a feel of the technology. As a result, they learned more about motion capture technology. One of the students, Jonnel Monteagudo, performed in front of his classmates wearing the mocap suit. After getting his data, Metavurx Studios used it to show them what it would look like in an animation. After seeing the results, students were thrilled and pleased with how easy it was to do it. Impact on Students’ Future Careers  The educational trip significantly impacted the students’ outlook and career goals. Seeing how their theoretical learning will be used in the industry inspired many to consider career paths in animation and game development. The experience also highlighted the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments.  Conclusion and Future Collaborations  The Notre Dame of Dadiangas University students had an amazing and memorable experience during their educational trip to Metavurx Studios. It removed the gap between academic learning and industry application, highlighting the importance of practical knowledge. The institution and the company look forward to future collaborations to provide additional valuable student experiences.  Metavurx Studios remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver top-tier experience and exposure. This initiative highlights the studio’s role as a dynamic force in cultivating the next generation of talent in the entertainment field. 

Metavurx Studios: Passionately Transforming the Industry with Xsens Philippines 


Xsens Philippines – The fast-paced, dynamic nature of the game development and entertainment industries demands that we stay updated, requiring constant innovation and adaptation. And Xsens is the top technology choice for motion capture by everyone in film and game development. That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive solution for everyone. Whether you need Xsens motion capture investment and rentals or high-quality output for your projects, Metavurx Studios has you covered!  Metavurx Studios Solutions with Xsens Philippines  As Movella Xsens’ first and only global partner here, Metavurx Studios specializes in bringing characters and animations to life. We provide support and services, offering cutting-edge technology that precisely captures intricate movements with exceptional accuracy. And our solutions for game development and film production ensure realistic character movements, bringing your creative visions to life.  Motion Capture Services  We offer versatile motion capture solutions for students, institutions, and studios. And our mocap technology is available for rent and can be used to perform stunts and actions our project requires. Depending on your project needs, you can choose to use our equipment at our facility, your chosen site, or even remotely.  Our full-service mocap solution goes beyond equipment rental, as we manage all aspects of the mocap process, including planning, execution, and post-processing. Our comprehensive approach eliminates the need for clients to use their own tools or resources. And by providing expert management and support throughout the project, we ensure a seamless experience that delivers high-quality results.  Game Development and Film Production  We also provide comprehensive development solutions, with our skilled team creating captivating gameplay elements, stunning graphics, and engaging 2D/3D animations. Whether you require complete game or certain parts developed, our all-inclusive services ensure your game stands out in the market. And our integrated approach ensures a seamless and impactful delivery, tailored to bring your creative vision to life.  This technology helps create realistic animations for each motion, attitude, and action. And our team generates high-fidelity data, freeing up developers to concentrate on creating compelling stories. This produces end products with incredibly lifelike animations that improve any project, whether a VR experience, game, or film.  Our expertise combines traditional filmmaking techniques with the latest technology allowing us to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant films. We also collaborate with filmmakers to ensure that their creative vision is realized on screen as modern filmmaking increasingly relies on CGI and VFX during pre-production to create a visually compelling narrative.  Motion capture technology addresses challenges that physical sets and human actors might face, enhancing scenes with greater flexibility and realism. Furthermore, when implemented efficiently, mocap technology simplifies production schedules and improves workflow efficiency, making it a critical asset in the digital filmmaking process.  Conclusion  Our goal is to help everyone achieve their ambitions in the fields of games and entertainment. Whether you’re a student, an indie developer, or part of a small to large studio, Metavurx Studios is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest quality in your projects. We’re here to support your creative endeavors with our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring you receive the best possible results.  Together, let’s advance the standards of entertainment and excel in the industry we love. 

Introducing Motion Capture Technology: A Highlight of FEU Alabang’s Open Day 

Metavurx Studios FEU Alabang

Last May 25, 2024, FEU Alabang held an Open Day for potential students to explore their campus and community. The goal of the Open Day was to give them a memorable and educational experience about the vast opportunities they offer.  Various programs showcased their talents and works, giving a glimpse of FEU Alabang’s creative and intellectual culture.  Metavurx Studios at FEU Alabang Multimedia Arts Exhibit: A Highlight of Creativity  The multimedia arts exhibit, located in classrooms on the sixth floor, was one of the highlights of the Open Day. The creativity and talent of the multimedia arts students were on display in this exhibit. A variety of works of art and demonstrating the students’ skills. These included digital graphics, animations, and interactive media projects. The event demonstrated FEU Alabang’s commitment to supporting artistic brilliance and preparing students for successful professions in the multimedia arts industry.  Metavurx Studios: Bringing Motion Capture Technology to Life  The Open Day highlighted the presentation by Metavurx Studios, a pioneer in motion capture technology in the Philippines. Held at the Photography Lab, attendees gained an introduction to mocap’s uses in the film, animation, and gaming industries. They also had the opportunity to ask questions about our company and how mocap works.   The presentation demonstrated how Mocap has the ability to completely transform digital storytelling, and it was both inspirational and enlightening. Allen Nicolasora, one of their students, demonstrated how quickly and accurately his movements are translated into animation bone using the Xsens mocap suit. He had fun trying on the gloves and suit, which were new to him. He believes that it would be a great help to students like him, especially during their projects.  Attendees could try out mocap gloves to get a firsthand experience of how motion capture operates. Through this interactive exhibit, students gained firsthand experience in the process of collecting and converting human movement into digital form. Also, this practical experience was essential in that it gave him an actual understanding of the motion capture process.  Students’ curiosity and enthusiasm were piqued when they witnessed how their actions were turned into digital animations. The demonstration made a deep effect on the attendees by showcasing our dedication to promoting innovation and education. Metavurx Studios’ participation gave students an idea of how their studies are put to use in the industry. This collaboration encouraged students to explore careers in animation, game development, and film, highlighting the practical application of their education from FEU Alabang.  Conclusion  Prospect students found FEU Alabang’s Open Day to be an engaging event that skillfully blended interactive experiences with academic showcases. Industry partners like Metavurx Studios attended, highlighting the practical uses of the knowledge and abilities taught at FEU Alabang. Lastly, the Open Day demonstrated FEU Alabang BMA and Metavurx Studios’ commitment to bridging academic theory with practical application. 

Top 3 Game Engines: Choosing the Right One for Your Project 

Game Engines

Game engines are designed to make creating games easier by giving developers access to necessary features and tools. Among the many functions they provide are sound management, physics simulation, graphics rendering, and scripting skills. Thanks to these engines, developers may now produce 2D and 3D games more successfully and efficiently.  Game engines ease the development process, freeing up developers to concentrate on originality and creativity. Ultimately, the project’s need, the development team’s level of experience, and the intended platform will determine which game engine suits best.  Top 3 Game Engines to Choose for Your Game  The success of any game development project depends on your choice of game engine. With so many options available, it’s critical to understand each engine’s benefits and drawbacks. We’ll look at the best gaming engines here and help you find the one that works best for your project.  1. Unreal Engine  Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is well-known for its strong performance and high-fidelity graphics. It provides powerful tools for creating 2D and 3D video games, featuring a Blueprint visual scripting system that eliminates the need for coding intricate gameplay features. In AAA game production, Unreal Engine is widely utilized and offers comprehensive support for VR and AR applications.   In addition, it is being used for film productions, visual effects, and virtual productions. Although its extensive documentation and vast community aid beginners, less experienced developers may feel overwhelmed by the complexity. Unreal Engine is perfect for video games that demand complex gameplay and excellent graphics.  2. Unity  Unity is a popular and functional game engine that allows for the construction of 2D, 3D, VR, and AR applications. Just like Unreal Engine, it is also used for films, VFX, and virtual productions. Because of its user-friendly UI and large asset store, developers can access extensive resources. Even for those not experienced with programming, learning the C# scripting language is not too difficult.  Unity’s extensive cross-platform features allow deployment across various platforms, including mobile, PC, and console. The huge engine community provides a wealth of guides and assistance. While Unity may need more work to achieve high-end graphics than Unreal Engine, it excels in scalability and adaptability.  The open-source Godot game engine is renowned for its effectiveness and simplicity. It emphasizes usability and provides complete tools for 2D and 3D game development. Because of its user-friendly GDScript language and scene structure, it is accessible to players of all ability levels. Its lightweight architecture enables rapid development cycles and prototyping.  Its open-source structure allows the flexibility to alter the engine’s source code to meet particular requirements. Because of its vibrant community, the engine is always being improved, and upgrades and support are guaranteed. Godot may lack some cutting-edge features of popular engines, but it is an excellent choice for indie developers.  Conclusion  Selecting a suitable game engine is essential for creating successful games. Game engines simplify the process of creating 2D and 3D games by offering necessary tools like sound management, physics simulation, graphics rendering, and scripting capabilities. This simplification improves the quality of the finished product by allowing developers to concentrate on creativity.  The project requirements, team expertise, and target platform all play a role in choosing the most suitable engine. AAA games with intricate gameplay and high-fidelity graphics are best suited for the Unreal Engine. Unity’s adaptability and scalability make it ideal for a range of projects, including virtual reality and mobile. Godot is ideal for independent developers and smaller projects because it is straightforward and open-source.  Making an informed decision requires knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each engine. While Unreal Engine excels at high-end graphics, it can be too complex for novices. Although Unity is flexible and easy to use, it may require additional work for high-quality visuals. And Godot is useful for quick prototyping, but it might not have all the functionality you need.  In conclusion, select the best game engine based on project requirements, team experience, and platform to ensure a smoother development process and a successful game launch. Metavurx Studios has industry experience in all these engines, ensuring your projects will use the best engine suitable for it.  

Motion Capture Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction in Performance Capture 


Motion capture technology has applications in several fields, such as virtual reality, biomechanics, sports analysis, and movies. It enables performers to portray characters with lifelike gestures and facial expressions in movies and video games. And it has completely changed the animation industry by giving animators a source for realistic motions because mocap technology captures the minute details of human movement.   Motion Capture Animation Myths Debunked  Although mocap technology has completely changed the way animations and performances are recorded, there are still misconceptions about its capabilities. Let’s explore and dispel some of the most widespread rumors about motion capture.  Myth 1: Motion capture is only for video games  Despite what many people think, motion capture technology isn’t just used in video games. It is extensively employed in virtual reality, movies, TV shows, and even medical research. Mocap has numerous applications across sectors, from reproducing realistic movements in virtual worlds to generating lifelike characters in blockbuster movies.  Myth 2: It replaces traditional animation  Motion capture technology is employed together with traditional animation methods rather than replacing them. Although technology helps expedite the animation process for specific motions or scenes, talented animators are still necessary to give characters and performances more depth, individuality, and artistic flair.  Myth 3: Anyone can perform mocap  Although mocap technology has become more widely available recently, it still requires expertise and training. Expert mocap performers undergo a rigorous training program to guarantee that their motions are faithfully and successfully translated into animations.  Myth 4: Motion capture is expensive and time-consuming  Mocap technology used to be unaffordable, but improvements in hardware and software have brought it down to a more reasonable and inexpensive price. Moreover, using motion capture studios or outsourcing mocap services can reduce expenses and expedite the production process.  In conclusion, mocap technology is an effective tool for creating lifelike characters and authentic performances in a variety of mediums. By correcting these widespread misconceptions, we can learn more about motion capture’s potential and capabilities in the entertainment sector. Ready to start your mocap journey or wondering how you can afford the technology? Metavurx Studios offers motion capture rental, which can be helpful for you and your business. 

Metavurx Studios at Dubai Game Expo Summit 2024: Expanding Horizons in MENA 


Metavurx Studios was honored to participate in the renowned Dubai Game Expo Summit 2024 last May 1-2, 2024, marking a significant milestone for us. As an animation and game development studio, being present at the summit showed our commitment to global expansion and contribute to the thriving gaming industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).    What happened at the Dubai Game Expo Summit in MENA Region?   Attendees participated in networking events, and discussions focused on different aspects of game development. Industry experts also shared their perspectives and advice on thriving in the ever-changing gaming industry.   We were thrilled to connect with industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts from MENA during the summit. Our increased accessibility enables us to offer our expertise and services to companies and developers to contribute to their success. It was a priceless opportunity to exchange concepts, establish connections, and explore collaborations that will shape the future of gaming.   We are eager to expand our network, explore fresh opportunities, and collaborate on new projects and endeavors in MENA. We aim to expand to new areas to build a diverse community that embraces cultural diversity and encourages artistic expression. Metavurx Studios believes that collaboration and partnerships can drive innovation and creativity in the gaming industry.  Keynote Speakers of the Region  His Excellency Abdulla AlGaoud of Dubai Chamber praised the gaming industry’s growth and is anticipating further exposure for MENA. James Hursthouse emphasized the rising popularity of blockchain games and forecasted a promising future for the gaming industry in the following years. He highlighted tokenization and community development benefits, envisioning a future where all games, blockchain or not, will not have distinctions.   Her Excellency Aisha Abdulla Miran shared her childhood love for video games and expressed her excitement about the industry’s future. Additionally, Fawzi Mesma, Vice President of Global Creative at UBISOFT, emphasized the value of community in the game development industry. He also talked about Jordan’s expanding game development scene every time he returns to his home country.  Takeaway from the event  As an Asia-based studio, we understand the importance of collaboration and global outreach in today’s interconnected world. Our presence at the Dubai Game Expo Summit reaffirms our dedication to expanding into new markets and promoting innovation in the gaming industry. Our goal is to support the development of the thriving gaming industry in the region where opportunity and talent flourish.   Overall, our time at the Dubai Game Expo Summit 2024 was incredibly fulfilling and inspiring. We are excited to create a lasting partnership, drive innovation, and shape the future of gaming in MENA and beyond.   The connections we have formed, the knowledge we have gained, and the opportunities that lie ahead inspire us. As we continue to expand our presence in MENA and beyond, we are committed to pushing the limits of creativity, technology, and collaboration. Together, we can forge the future of gaming and create an unforgettable experience for players worldwide. 

Enhancing Realism in Game Development: Metavurx Studios’ Mini Team Building Shooting Experience at Laguna Sports Complex

Laguna Sports Complex

Here at Metavurx Studios, we strive to push the boundaries of realism in our game development projects. To gain firsthand experience with shooting, our team organized a mini team-building activity at the Laguna Sports Complex in Santa Cruz, Laguna. This unique activity was meant to educate our team about safe gun handling techniques and help them understand the sensations involved with shooting.  The Shooting Experience at Laguna Sports Complex  During the event, our team was given fundamental instructions on firearm safety and handling. Each team member learned the fundamentals of using the proper grip, stance and aiming techniques. We also had a dry fire session to ensure safety and proper gun handling. Through practical experience, we developed a greater understanding of the accuracy and skill needed for shooting.  Incorporating Realism into Game Development  Improving the realism of our game development initiatives is one of the primary goals of our mini team-building. It provided valuable insight to Metavurx Studios for our game development projects, as our team can more accurately imitate the mechanics and experiences in our games if we have a better knowledge of how it feels to fire a gun.  Benefits of Realism in Games  Furthermore, the team-building activity promoted unity and collaboration among our employees. Also, our team’s ties were reinforced by working together on shooting drills and encouraging one another’s learning. We accepted the challenge and acknowledged each other’s accomplishments during the day.  Accurate gun handling, recoil, and sound effects are examples of realistic gameplay aspects that can greatly improve the user experience. Also, Metavurx Studios’ realism-focused approach aims to produce realistic gaming environments that connect with gamers on a deeper level.  Team Building and Collaboration  After learning firearm safety, Metavurx Studios held their third MetaMania and held a shooting competition. The competition consisted of three shooting courses: the first was team versus team, wherein each team was composed of five members. And then, each player shot two bullets, and the team that finished the fastest won. Team Neil, which used a caliber 45 pistol, won this challenge against Team Austin, which used a caliber 40 pistol.  After that, the second challenge was man versus man, wherein each member picked their opponent. They had to shoot the target board five times, and the popper needed to be downed with the remaining four bullets. Winner versus winner, our web developer, Ruth, was later held the winner for her sharpshooting skills.  The third challenge was a course of fire or short course firing, wherein members had the chance to have an extra magazine. Also, each one had to shoot two times each of three targets and be able to down the two poppers. And the extra magazine could be used if they were not able to down the poppers with just one shot each.  The winner for the third challenge was our animator, Rayel, scoring high against everyone else.  The mini team-building activity promoted teamwork, friendship, and teamwork among team members in addition to its technical features. Moreover, we worked together to acquire and master new abilities, enhance building relationships, and foster a sense of unity within the team.  Conclusion  The mini team-building activity was a great way to improve game development realism while being fun and educational. We came back with insightful knowledge that will help us in our game development. With direct knowledge of shooting, we’re more prepared to provide players across the world with authentic and engaging gaming experiences.  At Metavurx Studios, we’re dedicated to providing innovative and genuine gaming experiences. Our most recent venture is just one example of our commitment to quality and innovation. 

Discover Motion Capture’s Impact on Sports Science and Biomechanics Research

Sports science

Sports science and biomechanics research were transformed by motion capture technology, which progressed from simple systems to complex, fast motion-tracking solutions. Motion capture was first applied to animation, but it has since developed to evaluate sports movements, improving performance analysis and injury prevention techniques.  Modern motion capture technologies provide real-time data collection with enhanced accuracy and mobility, offering priceless insights into biomechanics. Sports scientists, engineers, and researchers work together to push the limits of motion capture technology through ongoing innovation.  Sports Science and Biomechanics Research: The Effects of Motion Capture Understanding Human Motion  Motion capture enables researchers to analyze the complexities of human motion with outstanding precision. By tracking athletes’ movements in real-time, researchers can identify biomechanical patterns and abnormalities that may affect performance and injury risk.  Improving Athletic Performance  Coaches and athletes can better comprehend ideal movement mechanics and techniques using motion capture analysis. This realization allows implementing focused training programs that raise overall athletic efficiency, lower injury rates, and improve performance.  Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation  Motion capture technology is essential to injury prevention and recovery plans. Researchers can identify biomechanical abnormalities and movement inadequacies. Also, create individualized rehabilitation procedures to speed up healing and reduce the chance of recurrent injuries.  Enhancing Equipment Design  Motion capture data dramatically benefits the design and improvement of sporting equipment, including clothing, protective gear, and footwear. By studying how athletes interact with their gear, manufacturers can maximize performance and comfort in their products.  Advancements in Biomechanics Research  Motion capture technology keeps pushing the frontiers of scientific knowledge and encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation in biomechanics research. Researchers use motion capture data to investigate a variety of subjects, including muscle activation patterns, sports-specific movements, joint kinematics, and gait analysis.  Conclusion  As motion capture technology develops, exciting opportunities lie ahead for sports science and biomechanics research. The possibilities for innovation in this field are endless, ranging from combining wearable sensors and augmented reality to developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  In summary, motion capture technology is a powerful tool in sports science and biomechanics research, offering insightful information that guides equipment design, training regimens, injury prevention tactics, and scientific investigation. Sports science and biomechanics are fields expected to flourish and innovate going forward as long as researchers keep using motion capture technology. 

A Collaboration to Greatness: Metavurx Studios and National University – Laguna Signed a Memorandum of Understanding 

National University Laguna

National University Laguna (NUL) and Metavurx Studios entered a significant collaboration on April 12, 2024. This marks a milestone in their commitment to excellence in multimedia arts education and innovation.  NU Laguna, known for its dedication to providing quality education, and Metavurx Studios, a pioneer in Motion Capture technology company in the Philippines, joined forces to enhance students’ educational experience in the Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts program.  Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony for Metavurx Studios and National University – Laguna The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding took place at National University Laguna Inspire Academy Lounge. The said event was attended by NUL directors, faculty members, students, and Metavurx Studios representatives. The signing of the MoU symbolized the beginning of a fruitful collaboration aimed at integrating motion capture technology into the curriculum.  During the ceremony, Dr. Narro Navarro, Assistant Director for Academe-Industry Linkage of NUL, said he was fascinated by the technology when they saw it on the open day. He added that the opportunities for the students are exciting, as they will gain an edge in the industry.  Dr. Josefina San Miguel, Senior Academic Director of NUL, expressed her enthusiasm and said she looks forward to the collaboration. She noted how swift the collaboration discussions were, feeling like just yesterday both parties were still finalizing their needs.  Sir Benjamin Uichico, Managing Director of NUL, started his speech by expressing his excitement about the collaboration. He also mentioned how much they wanted to try the suits to experience it. He added that he looks forward to more collaborations with Metavurx Studios that will help their students.  Neil Fernandez Jr., CEO of Metavurx Studios, also gave his message on behalf of Metavurx Studios. He expressed excitement about cultivating industry leaders with NUL and exposing them to the necessary knowledge and experience for success. Aside from that, he believes that this collaboration represents a fusion of education and innovation, unlocking limitless possibilities.  Collaboration Details  As part of the collaboration, Metavurx Studios will provide NU Laguna with access to its state-of-the-art mocap technology and expertise. Also, students enrolled in BS Multimedia Arts will learn about motion capture technology and its applications in animation and game development.  NUL and Metavurx Studios will work closely to develop workshops, training sessions, and projects integrating mocap technology into the curriculum. This hands-on experience will allow Multimedia Arts students to gain practical experience and develop highly sought-after skills in the industry.  Impact and Future Prospects  The collaboration between NU Laguna and Metavurx Studios holds great promise for the future of multimedia arts education. NUL is positioning itself as a leader in preparing students for success by embracing cutting-edge technology and industry-academic linkage.  Through this collaboration, students will gain technical skills and develop industry-level creativity, essential for thriving in the digital age. Moreover, with access to industry-standard tools and professional mentorship, they are prepared to make great contributions to the industry upon graduation. 

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