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Introducing Motion Capture Technology: A Highlight of National University-Laguna’s Open Day

National University Laguna’s Open Day event was a vibrant showcase of educational opportunities and industry innovations. Among the highlights was the Multimedia Arts Exhibit held in Rooms 301 and 302, where students delved into creativity and technology, exploring various facets of multimedia arts.  Open days offer an opportunity to learn more about academic programs, discover […]

Neil Fernandez Jr. The Unstoppable and Game Changer CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc. 

CEO of Metavurx Studios

CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc – The journey to innovation in the dynamic animation and gaming industry is often led by exceptional individuals who are unstoppable, advocates of growth, and true game changers. Neil Fernandez Jr., CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc., embodies these qualities to the fullest.  Achieving Global Partnership as CEO of Metavurx Studios […]

What is the Difference Between Inertial and Optical Motion Capture? 

motion capture system

Two main methods are used in motion capture system: inertial and optical. Both methods have distinctive advantages and disadvantages that make them appropriate for various uses. Selecting the proper technology for your purposes is easier if you are aware of the differences between inertial and optical motion capture.  Choosing the Right MoCap System Your project’s […]

Where Passion and Play Collide: How Do I Become a Web Developer?

Meet our incredibly brilliant Metavurx Studios‘ Web developer, whose knowledge boosts creativity and innovation in our digital projects. She adds expertise and enthusiasm to every project she works on, thanks to her years of experience. Ruth manages our online presence by creating slick and useful user interfaces and facilitating website performance.  Our websites meet and […]

Why Xsens Motion Capture Technology is the Best?

Xsens Motion Capture Suit

Xsens Motion Capture Suit: One brand that stands out as a leader in innovation and quality in motion capture technology is Movella Xsens. With its state-of-the-art features and unmatched performance, it has made a name for itself as the best option for mocap solutions.  Xsens Motion Capture Suit Technology Advanced Sensor Technology  At the core […]

Exploring the Advantages of Motion Capture Technology 

Motion Capture Technology

Motion Capture Technology: Motion capture, also known as mocap, is a technology that stands out for its revolutionary potential in the constantly changing gaming and entertainment field. Its many benefits have changed how we view and engage with digital media. It has made a world of possibilities available to creators and innovators, from improved realism […]

Elevating Your Projects with Metavurx Studios Motion Capture Suit Rental

mocap suit

Metavurx Studios’ Mocap Suit Rental: Innovation is essential in the rapidly changing fields of entertainment, and with the help of motion capture technology. It is revolutionizing the animation, gaming, and entertainment industry. That’s why at Metavurx Studios, we recognize the value of keeping on the cutting edge and offering our clients innovative solutions. For this […]

What is Motion Capture? A Comprehensive Guide for You

What is Motion Capture

Motion capture, often known as mocap, is a technology that records an object’s movement—usually a human body—for various uses. It involves recording an actor or object in action and projecting that motion onto a digital model. The entertainment industry frequently uses this technique to produce lifelike animations for films like Marvel Studios’ Avengers and Black […]

Metavurx Studios’ Journey into Motion Capture Animation 

Motion Capture Animation 

Motion Capture Animation: At Metavurx Studios Inc., we take great pride in our dedication to quality work and our enthusiasm for expanding the boundaries of animation. With the help of our extremely talented animators, artists, and technicians, we bring stories to life in ways that capture viewers and make an impact. We bring creativity, innovation, […]

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