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Introducing Motion Capture Technology: A Highlight of FEU Alabang’s Open Day 

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Last May 25, 2024, FEU Alabang held an Open Day for potential students to explore their campus and community. The goal of the Open Day was to give them a memorable and educational experience about the vast opportunities they offer.  Various programs showcased their talents and works, giving a glimpse of FEU Alabang’s creative and intellectual culture. 

Metavurx Studios at FEU Alabang

Multimedia Arts Exhibit: A Highlight of Creativity 

The multimedia arts exhibit, located in classrooms on the sixth floor, was one of the highlights of the Open Day. The creativity and talent of the multimedia arts students were on display in this exhibit. A variety of works of art and demonstrating the students’ skills. These included digital graphics, animations, and interactive media projects. The event demonstrated FEU Alabang’s commitment to supporting artistic brilliance and preparing students for successful professions in the multimedia arts industry. 

Metavurx Studios: Bringing Motion Capture Technology to Life 

The Open Day highlighted the presentation by Metavurx Studios, a pioneer in motion capture technology in the Philippines. Held at the Photography Lab, attendees gained an introduction to mocap’s uses in the film, animation, and gaming industries. They also had the opportunity to ask questions about our company and how mocap works.  

The presentation demonstrated how Mocap has the ability to completely transform digital storytelling, and it was both inspirational and enlightening. Allen Nicolasora, one of their students, demonstrated how quickly and accurately his movements are translated into animation bone using the Xsens mocap suit. He had fun trying on the gloves and suit, which were new to him. He believes that it would be a great help to students like him, especially during their projects. 

Attendees could try out mocap gloves to get a firsthand experience of how motion capture operates. Through this interactive exhibit, students gained firsthand experience in the process of collecting and converting human movement into digital form. Also, this practical experience was essential in that it gave him an actual understanding of the motion capture process. 

Students’ curiosity and enthusiasm were piqued when they witnessed how their actions were turned into digital animations. The demonstration made a deep effect on the attendees by showcasing our dedication to promoting innovation and education. Metavurx Studios’ participation gave students an idea of how their studies are put to use in the industry. This collaboration encouraged students to explore careers in animation, game development, and film, highlighting the practical application of their education from FEU Alabang. 


Prospect students found FEU Alabang’s Open Day to be an engaging event that skillfully blended interactive experiences with academic showcases. Industry partners like Metavurx Studios attended, highlighting the practical uses of the knowledge and abilities taught at FEU Alabang. Lastly, the Open Day demonstrated FEU Alabang BMA and Metavurx Studios’ commitment to bridging academic theory with practical application. 

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