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Metavurx Studios: Passionately Transforming the Industry with Xsens Philippines 


Xsens Philippines – The fast-paced, dynamic nature of the game development and entertainment industries demands that we stay updated, requiring constant innovation and adaptation. And Xsens is the top technology choice for motion capture by everyone in film and game development. That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive solution for everyone. Whether you need Xsens motion capture investment and rentals or high-quality output for your projects, Metavurx Studios has you covered! 

Metavurx Studios Solutions with Xsens Philippines 

As Movella Xsens’ first and only global partner here, Metavurx Studios specializes in bringing characters and animations to life. We provide support and services, offering cutting-edge technology that precisely captures intricate movements with exceptional accuracy. And our solutions for game development and film production ensure realistic character movements, bringing your creative visions to life. 

Motion Capture Services 

We offer versatile motion capture solutions for students, institutions, and studios. And our mocap technology is available for rent and can be used to perform stunts and actions our project requires. Depending on your project needs, you can choose to use our equipment at our facility, your chosen site, or even remotely. 

Our full-service mocap solution goes beyond equipment rental, as we manage all aspects of the mocap process, including planning, execution, and post-processing. Our comprehensive approach eliminates the need for clients to use their own tools or resources. And by providing expert management and support throughout the project, we ensure a seamless experience that delivers high-quality results. 

Game Development and Film Production 

We also provide comprehensive development solutions, with our skilled team creating captivating gameplay elements, stunning graphics, and engaging 2D/3D animations. Whether you require complete game or certain parts developed, our all-inclusive services ensure your game stands out in the market. And our integrated approach ensures a seamless and impactful delivery, tailored to bring your creative vision to life. 

This technology helps create realistic animations for each motion, attitude, and action. And our team generates high-fidelity data, freeing up developers to concentrate on creating compelling stories. This produces end products with incredibly lifelike animations that improve any project, whether a VR experience, game, or film. 

Our expertise combines traditional filmmaking techniques with the latest technology allowing us to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant films. We also collaborate with filmmakers to ensure that their creative vision is realized on screen as modern filmmaking increasingly relies on CGI and VFX during pre-production to create a visually compelling narrative. 

Motion capture technology addresses challenges that physical sets and human actors might face, enhancing scenes with greater flexibility and realism. Furthermore, when implemented efficiently, mocap technology simplifies production schedules and improves workflow efficiency, making it a critical asset in the digital filmmaking process. 


Our goal is to help everyone achieve their ambitions in the fields of games and entertainment. Whether you’re a student, an indie developer, or part of a small to large studio, Metavurx Studios is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest quality in your projects. We’re here to support your creative endeavors with our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring you receive the best possible results. 

Together, let’s advance the standards of entertainment and excel in the industry we love. 

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