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Metavurx Studios at Dubai Game Expo Summit 2024: Expanding Horizons in MENA 


Metavurx Studios was honored to participate in the renowned Dubai Game Expo Summit 2024 last May 1-2, 2024, marking a significant milestone for us. As an animation and game development studio, being present at the summit showed our commitment to global expansion and contribute to the thriving gaming industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).   

What happened at the Dubai Game Expo Summit in MENA Region?  

Attendees participated in networking events, and discussions focused on different aspects of game development. Industry experts also shared their perspectives and advice on thriving in the ever-changing gaming industry.  

We were thrilled to connect with industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts from MENA during the summit. Our increased accessibility enables us to offer our expertise and services to companies and developers to contribute to their success. It was a priceless opportunity to exchange concepts, establish connections, and explore collaborations that will shape the future of gaming.  

We are eager to expand our network, explore fresh opportunities, and collaborate on new projects and endeavors in MENA. We aim to expand to new areas to build a diverse community that embraces cultural diversity and encourages artistic expression. Metavurx Studios believes that collaboration and partnerships can drive innovation and creativity in the gaming industry. 

Keynote Speakers of the Region 

His Excellency Abdulla AlGaoud of Dubai Chamber praised the gaming industry’s growth and is anticipating further exposure for MENA. James Hursthouse emphasized the rising popularity of blockchain games and forecasted a promising future for the gaming industry in the following years. He highlighted tokenization and community development benefits, envisioning a future where all games, blockchain or not, will not have distinctions.  

Her Excellency Aisha Abdulla Miran shared her childhood love for video games and expressed her excitement about the industry’s future. Additionally, Fawzi Mesma, Vice President of Global Creative at UBISOFT, emphasized the value of community in the game development industry. He also talked about Jordan’s expanding game development scene every time he returns to his home country. 

Takeaway from the event 

As an Asia-based studio, we understand the importance of collaboration and global outreach in today’s interconnected world. Our presence at the Dubai Game Expo Summit reaffirms our dedication to expanding into new markets and promoting innovation in the gaming industry. Our goal is to support the development of the thriving gaming industry in the region where opportunity and talent flourish.  

Overall, our time at the Dubai Game Expo Summit 2024 was incredibly fulfilling and inspiring. We are excited to create a lasting partnership, drive innovation, and shape the future of gaming in MENA and beyond.  

The connections we have formed, the knowledge we have gained, and the opportunities that lie ahead inspire us. As we continue to expand our presence in MENA and beyond, we are committed to pushing the limits of creativity, technology, and collaboration. Together, we can forge the future of gaming and create an unforgettable experience for players worldwide. 

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