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Enhancing Realism in Game Development: Metavurx Studios’ Mini Team Building Shooting Experience at Laguna Sports Complex

Laguna Sports Complex

Here at Metavurx Studios, we strive to push the boundaries of realism in our game development projects. To gain firsthand experience with shooting, our team organized a mini team-building activity at the Laguna Sports Complex in Santa Cruz, Laguna. This unique activity was meant to educate our team about safe gun handling techniques and help them understand the sensations involved with shooting. 

The Shooting Experience at Laguna Sports Complex 

During the event, our team was given fundamental instructions on firearm safety and handling. Each team member learned the fundamentals of using the proper grip, stance and aiming techniques. We also had a dry fire session to ensure safety and proper gun handling. Through practical experience, we developed a greater understanding of the accuracy and skill needed for shooting. 

Incorporating Realism into Game Development 

Improving the realism of our game development initiatives is one of the primary goals of our mini team-building. It provided valuable insight to Metavurx Studios for our game development projects, as our team can more accurately imitate the mechanics and experiences in our games if we have a better knowledge of how it feels to fire a gun

Benefits of Realism in Games 

Furthermore, the team-building activity promoted unity and collaboration among our employees. Also, our team’s ties were reinforced by working together on shooting drills and encouraging one another’s learning. We accepted the challenge and acknowledged each other’s accomplishments during the day. 

Accurate gun handling, recoil, and sound effects are examples of realistic gameplay aspects that can greatly improve the user experience. Also, Metavurx Studios’ realism-focused approach aims to produce realistic gaming environments that connect with gamers on a deeper level. 

Team Building and Collaboration 

After learning firearm safety, Metavurx Studios held their third MetaMania and held a shooting competition. The competition consisted of three shooting courses: the first was team versus team, wherein each team was composed of five members. And then, each player shot two bullets, and the team that finished the fastest won. Team Neil, which used a caliber 45 pistol, won this challenge against Team Austin, which used a caliber 40 pistol. 

Team Neil on caliber 45 pistol
Austin Team on caliber 40 pistol

After that, the second challenge was man versus man, wherein each member picked their opponent. They had to shoot the target board five times, and the popper needed to be downed with the remaining four bullets. Winner versus winner, our web developer, Ruth, was later held the winner for her sharpshooting skills. 

From left to right: Max, Joy, Ruth

The third challenge was a course of fire or short course firing, wherein members had the chance to have an extra magazine. Also, each one had to shoot two times each of three targets and be able to down the two poppers. And the extra magazine could be used if they were not able to down the poppers with just one shot each. 

The winner for the third challenge was our animator, Rayel, scoring high against everyone else.  The mini team-building activity promoted teamwork, friendship, and teamwork among team members in addition to its technical features. Moreover, we worked together to acquire and master new abilities, enhance building relationships, and foster a sense of unity within the team. 

From left to right: Rayel, Ghel, Neil

The mini team-building activity was a great way to improve game development realism while being fun and educational. We came back with insightful knowledge that will help us in our game development. With direct knowledge of shooting, we’re more prepared to provide players across the world with authentic and engaging gaming experiences. 

At Metavurx Studios, we’re dedicated to providing innovative and genuine gaming experiences. Our most recent venture is just one example of our commitment to quality and innovation. 

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