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Unveiling the Global Partnership of Metavurx Studios Inc with Movella Xsens


Metavurx Studios Inc. brings Movella Xsens to the Philippines for product distribution, support and training, aiming to uplift the industry we love here in our country. We are at a turning point in the history of invention and cooperation. It marks the beginning of an incredible partnership. We are excited to announce the official contract signing today that will strengthen our relationship with the renowned Movella.  

This historical event marks the beginning of a new chapter for our Metavurx Studios Inc. and paves the way for a global expedition into unrivalled innovation and mutual success. A common dedication to excellence, mutual respect, and shared visions have all knitted together the journey towards this union. Extensive discussions established the foundation for what promises to be a game-changing partnership. 

The Contract Signing Ceremony Between Metavurx Studios and Movella

Held at the office, the contract signing ceremony was a highly anticipated and exciting occasion. Vice President of Movella Sensor Module Peter Xie, Movella Regional Sales Director APAC South Ganga Gopal, and Chief Executive Office of Metavurx Studios Inc. Neil Fernandez Jr. signed a document officially sealing our commitment to a shared journey of growth and innovation. The ceremony was more than a formality. It was an important event that marked the end of weeks or months of meticulous preparation and collaboration.  


Movella and Metavurx Studios Inc. Contract signing

Shared Values and Goals 

This collaboration is based on a shared set of values and goals. Our partnership with Movella Xsens is about building a shared ecosystem of innovation, creativity, and support for each other rather than just doing business. Our goal as a team is to maximize our skills, take advantage of our combined knowledge, and navigate the global landscape with a single, coherent vision. 

A global innovation structure began to take shape as the contract’s ink dried. Our partnership with Movella Xsens extends far beyond geographical boundaries. It provides access to diverse perspectives, innovative concepts, and a more comprehensive range of cross-border opportunities. 

Per Xie, “We are excited to work closely with Metavurx Studios Inc, our first-ever partner in the Philippines, to make our partnership stronger. I am very happy that Movella Xsens is now reachable in the Philippines through Metavurx Studios Inc.” 

With the signing of this contract, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are partners and allies in pursuing innovation, setting the bar higher for ourselves and the industry we aim to impact. 

What’s Next 

The contract signing is not the end; it’s the beginning of a shared odyssey. The road ahead is paved with exciting projects, collaborative ventures, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in our respective domains. Stay tuned for updates, announcements, and a cascade of creative endeavours this partnership will unveil. 

We want to express our gratitude to the fantastic teams at Metavurx Studios Inc. and Movella as we commemorate this historic event. The most powerful motion capture technology is now in the Philippines. And through this partnership, we can expand the entertainment industry to elevate global standards with our crafts. 

We are starting our adventure with a desire for excellence and a shared determination. We are excited to work together to create a future that surpasses expectations and completely transforms our industries. Also, we want to thank Movella for trusting Metavurx Studios Inc. Here’s to a global partnership, shared success, and boundless creativity ahead of us! 

We are not competitors. We are your ally. 

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