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Santa Rosa, Laguna News: Uncovering A Day of Creativity and Innovation, A Grand Opening Celebration at Metavurx Studios Inc. 

Santa Rosa Laguna Metavurx Studios Inc. Grand Opening

Santa Rosa, Laguna News: Metavurx Studios Inc. is a vibrant hub where innovation meets imagination. Join us on this wonderful adventure as we unlock the doors to unlimited world of possibilities for animation, game development, and motion capture that will elevate the entertainment that we know. 

After months of anticipation and meticulous preparation, the day has finally come. We welcome guests from various institutions and organizations, prospective partners, and the local government to witness the result of our passion and dedication. 

It isn’t just a celebration but an event for building connections. Guests gathered to witness what Metavurx Studios Inc. offers, which established new connections to become part of a community that shares a passion for animation, game development, and the entertainment industry. 

As we officially opened our doors, our guests became part of the unforgettable moments that define us from live Motion Capture (mocap) performance to networking and interactive exhibit. 

In photo: Nathan Pasic, Neil Fernandez Jr., Shiela Ysrael Fernandez, Ganga Gopal, Peter Xie 

Santa Rosa, Laguna News: Grand Opening Celebration at Metavurx Studios Inc.

Highlight of Speeches 

Neil Fernandez Jr., CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc., talked about how fascinating big things start from just a tiny idea. During the event, he officially announced the partnership with Movella, bringing Filipino creativity to the global stage. Fernandez Jr. is proud that Metavurx Studios Inc. is representing Pinoy pride. 

Peter Xie, Vice President of Movella Sensor Module, is a first-timer visiting the Philippines. He shared how amazed he is by the people, highlighting the team of Metavurx Studios Inc. He also talked about how strong the partnership is and looking forward to the company’s anniversary. Xie’s speech made the whole team excited about what would unfold after the event, especially with our partnership with Movella and how it would help elevate the entertainment industry. 

During his closing remark, Nathan Pasic, Director of Metavurx Studios Inc., said he was thankful to everyone and was very happy to see different organizations attend the event. He also encouraged everyone to never stop dreaming and keep doing it because if you don’t do something to start an idea. It will remain just an idea. At the end of this speech, Pasic mentioned his pride in the team and that he is excited to see the growth of Metavurx Studios Inc. 

Our Important Guests 

Former Actress Shiela Ysrael Fernandez with Movella Sensor Module Vice President Peter Xie and Movella Regional Sales Director for APAC South Ganga Gopal
Armada Entertainment CEO Don C. Serrano 
Entertainment Partners Angelo Santiago and Patrick Sylvani
City of Santa Rosa Councilor Hon. Roy Gonzales
Switch Connect General Manager Emmanuel Marcilla with his family
National University – Laguna 

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology and Interactive Exhibit 

From the moment guests enter our studio, it shows our dedication and how we transform ideas and dreams into reality. Our studio symbolizes the combination of creativity, technology, and boundless opportunities. 

The main highlight of the program is highlighting the animation and game development we have done. Guests witnessed the live performance they will remember as we proudly presented our Motion Capture (mocap) suit using Movella Xsens and Unreal Engine 5, which showed them how amazing and powerful it is. 

After the program, guests were encouraged to experience our Motion Capture (mocap) gloves in our interactive exhibit, where they could ask questions and learn more about it. 

Meet the Minds Behind the Thrilling Experience 

Santa Rosa, Laguna News: Our grand opening is not just about a celebration. But about the creative minds bringing our works to life. Meet the visionaries, animators, and game developers who made all of it possible and enjoyable. 

Metavurx Studios Inc. is not just an animation, game development, and motion capture studio. It is an invitation to discover, create, and participate in something extraordinary. Prepare for a future full of vision and endless possibilities as we strive for more. 

For more photos, visit our page on Facebook. Stay updated on the latest news, and we look forward to welcoming you to Metavurx Studios Inc.! 

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