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Neil Fernandez Jr. The Unstoppable and Game Changer CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc. 

CEO of Metavurx Studios

CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc – The journey to innovation in the dynamic animation and gaming industry is often led by exceptional individuals who are unstoppable, advocates of growth, and true game changers. Neil Fernandez Jr., CEO of Metavurx Studios Inc., embodies these qualities to the fullest. 

Achieving Global Partnership as CEO of Metavurx Studios

His unceasing determination and visionary leadership have made the groundbreaking partnership with Movella Xsens. Metavurx Studios Inc. is proud as the first company in the Philippines to partner with Movella, setting its role as a trailblazer in the industry.    

Renowned globally for its precision and capabilities, Fernandez brought the latest and most powerful motion capture technology to the Philippines. This strategic partnership has boosted Filipino creators’ access to advanced technology, fostering innovation and creativity in the entertainment sector.  

Often hailed as the catalyst behind lifelike animations and video game characters, motion capture technology reached new heights with Xsens. This powerful mocap technology has benefited many popular studios like Marvel Studios, Activision Blizzard, DC, Ubisoft, and Sony Entertainment. 

What Sets Him Apart? 

Fernandez is not just determined but also an enabler of change. With his very supportive team, he was able to strive for a remarkable achievement. They had his back since he started the vision for Metavurx Studios Inc., helping the company reach greater heights.   

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He also has supportive directors pushing and supporting him to turn his ideas into reality, ensuring his vision is achieved. It’s important to note that Neil Fernandez Jr. plays a vital role in various non-gaming industries, contributing significantly to renowned businesses and brands’ growth. His impact is felt in fintechs, e-commerce, blockchain projects, online betting applications and online casinos.  

The collaboration with Movella is a remarkable achievement for them and a transformative event for the Filipino entertainment industry. Fernandez’s dedication and initiative reflect how he wants to deliver world-class content to position the Philippines in the global scene. 

They also provide a wide range of outsourcing services like animations, game development, and onsite/remote mocap, to name a few. Metavurx Studios is not your competitor but your partner in achieving your creative visions. 


Neil Fernandez Jr. is an unstoppable force, an enabler of innovation, and a game-changer in every way possible. The partnership with Movella Xsens revolutionized the animation and gaming industry and the whole Filipino entertainment industry.  

Despite being a startup, Metavurx Studios Inc. achieves the impossible with the help of Fernandez and his dedicated team. They are excited about all the challenges because they believe it is an opportunity to strategize, adapt, and emerge stronger.  

Through strategic leadership, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of market trends, Fernandez has played a crucial role in driving growth, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional consumer experiences worldwide. His contributions have propelled these industries forward and set new standards for excellence and disruption.  

He continues to leave a lasting impact on various sectors, inspiring others to push boundaries, and strive for excellence. Metavurxs Studios is not just an animation and game development studio; it’s your partner to help your ideas become reality. Neil Fernandez Jr. and his team are well-prepared to cater to a new era of excellence and collaboration in the animation and game development scene. 

CEO of Metavurx Studios

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