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Introducing Motion Capture Technology: A Highlight of National University-Laguna’s Open Day

National University Laguna

National University Laguna’s Open Day event was a vibrant showcase of educational opportunities and industry innovations. Among the highlights was the Multimedia Arts Exhibit held in Rooms 301 and 302, where students delved into creativity and technology, exploring various facets of multimedia arts. 

Open days offer an opportunity to learn more about academic programs, discover passions, and get a feel for campus life. Also, prospective students learn about majors and career options directly through interactions with current students, faculty, and alumni. 

Attending open days allows students to evaluate the facilities, resources, and academic environments while participating in activities that interest them. Students with access to knowledge are better equipped to decide their futures. It also assists students in locating the best program and institution that matches their goals. 

Exhibition at the National University-Laguna Multimedia Arts Exhibit 

Metavurx Studios, a pioneering force in motion capture technology in the Philippines for animation, game development, and entertainment, stood out as one of the exhibitors. Moreover, Students were introduced to the captivating world of motion capture technology at their booth and gained insights into this cutting-edge technology through live demonstrations and interactive sessions. 

Motion Capture Technology Unveiled 

They showcased the details of motion capture technology, revealing its potential applications in animation, gaming, and beyond. Students were fascinated as they learned how to capture and translate human movement into an animated form. 

One of the exhibition’s highlights was giving students a hands-on opportunity to experience motion capture. Wearing Manus gloves, they immersed themselves in the world of digital animation, experiencing the power of technology. 

One of the NUL Creatives, Kurt “Kin” Quintos, wore the Xsens mocap suit to see how accurate and fast it is to translate his dance moves into animation bone. Kin enjoyed trying on the suit and gloves, which were new to him. Also, he thinks it is a game changer and believes that other art students will benefit from the technology. 

Kin is also fascinated with how fast it is to create animation bones with the technology, as they do it manually. He believes that mocap technology will help the industries in the Philippines become known internationally. Faculty members were also surprised with how little to no clean-up is needed with the animation bones from the mocap. 

Throughout the event, students engaged actively with the exhibits and explored the possibilities of motion capture technology. After that, they left inspired and empowered, equipped with newfound knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the fusion of art and technology. 


National University-Laguna’s Open Day was a resounding success. It provided a platform for students to explore multimedia arts and technology. Also, Metavurx Studios’ participation added a dynamic dimension to the event, showcasing the transformative potential of motion capture technology. As students departed, they carried insights and a sense of excitement for the future of animation and gaming. 

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