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A Collaboration to Greatness: Metavurx Studios and National University – Laguna Signed a Memorandum of Understanding 

National University Laguna

National University Laguna (NUL) and Metavurx Studios entered a significant collaboration on April 12, 2024. This marks a milestone in their commitment to excellence in multimedia arts education and innovation. 

NU Laguna, known for its dedication to providing quality education, and Metavurx Studios, a pioneer in Motion Capture technology company in the Philippines, joined forces to enhance students’ educational experience in the Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts program. 

National University Laguna

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony for Metavurx Studios and National University – Laguna

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding took place at National University Laguna Inspire Academy Lounge. The said event was attended by NUL directors, faculty members, students, and Metavurx Studios representatives. The signing of the MoU symbolized the beginning of a fruitful collaboration aimed at integrating motion capture technology into the curriculum. 

During the ceremony, Dr. Narro Navarro, Assistant Director for Academe-Industry Linkage of NUL, said he was fascinated by the technology when they saw it on the open day. He added that the opportunities for the students are exciting, as they will gain an edge in the industry. 

National University Laguna

Dr. Josefina San Miguel, Senior Academic Director of NUL, expressed her enthusiasm and said she looks forward to the collaboration. She noted how swift the collaboration discussions were, feeling like just yesterday both parties were still finalizing their needs. 

National University Laguna

Sir Benjamin Uichico, Managing Director of NUL, started his speech by expressing his excitement about the collaboration. He also mentioned how much they wanted to try the suits to experience it. He added that he looks forward to more collaborations with Metavurx Studios that will help their students. 

Neil Fernandez Jr., CEO of Metavurx Studios, also gave his message on behalf of Metavurx Studios. He expressed excitement about cultivating industry leaders with NUL and exposing them to the necessary knowledge and experience for success. Aside from that, he believes that this collaboration represents a fusion of education and innovation, unlocking limitless possibilities. 

National University Laguna

Collaboration Details 

As part of the collaboration, Metavurx Studios will provide NU Laguna with access to its state-of-the-art mocap technology and expertise. Also, students enrolled in BS Multimedia Arts will learn about motion capture technology and its applications in animation and game development. 

NUL and Metavurx Studios will work closely to develop workshops, training sessions, and projects integrating mocap technology into the curriculum. This hands-on experience will allow Multimedia Arts students to gain practical experience and develop highly sought-after skills in the industry. 

Impact and Future Prospects 

The collaboration between NU Laguna and Metavurx Studios holds great promise for the future of multimedia arts education. NUL is positioning itself as a leader in preparing students for success by embracing cutting-edge technology and industry-academic linkage. 

National University Laguna

Through this collaboration, students will gain technical skills and develop industry-level creativity, essential for thriving in the digital age. Moreover, with access to industry-standard tools and professional mentorship, they are prepared to make great contributions to the industry upon graduation. 

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