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Metavurx Studios Together with Industry Partner Movella Introduced Xsens to UBISOFT Philippines

Ubisoft Philippines

The combination of cutting-edge technology and creative ability brings up previously unimaginable possibilities in the ever-evolving world of digital entertainment. Today, we highlight how Metavurx Studios and Movella exhibit their Mocap suit and gloves to Ubisoft Philippines—a place where creativity and innovation collide—poised to revolutionize the way they create virtual worlds to life. 

Ubisoft Philippines

Ubisoft Philippines is a creative powerhouse in the heart of Southeast Asia that is making waves in the global gaming industry. Also, they have become a significant force in developing outstanding and immersive gaming experiences. 

They are the minds behind the games everyone loves, like For Honor, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Far Cry, and their impact is woven into the gaming culture. 

The Evolution of Motion Capture 

Additionally, Ubisoft Annecy, another studio subsidiary of Ubisoft Entertainment, had been Xsens’ global partner for motion capture technology. They started using Xsens in 2018 to be able to do stunts and movements outdoors for their game, Riders Republic. 

The Evolution of Motion Capture 

There is an increase in the number of productions transitioning from Optical Mocap to cutting-edge inertia Mocap technology. And this shift is motivated by the latest offering from Xsens in Inertia Mocap.  

Additionally, Xsens has effectively addressed challenges faced by motion capture methods like marker obstructions and extensive post-processing. Xsens prides on precision, immunity to magnetic interference, 240Hz capture rate, an impressive 150-meter wireless range, and on-body recording capability. 

Ubisoft Philippines

For these reasons, Xsens Inertia Mocap stands out as a superior choice amongst other mocap technologies available. 

Metavurx Studios takes motion capture to a new level by bringing this advanced Xsens Mocap suit and glove to the Philippines. 

Offering precision and flexibility that aligns seamlessly with Ubisoft Philippines’ animators and developers to capture the subtle human movement and push the boundaries of creativity. 

Mocap Solution

Mocap Solution

From intricate body language to fluid finger movement, our Mocap Solution ensures that every detail is translated to digital environment. We are also committed to elevating the animation and game development process, bringing characters and movements to life with unparalleled realism. 

Their studio has been at the forefront of crafting stunning in-game environments, developing memorable characters, and contributing to the overall narrative of Ubisoft Philippines.  

Moreover, this synergy between technology and creativity promises to redefine player experiences, fostering deeper connections with in-game characters. Their contributions extend beyond the screen, shaping the gaming experiences that captivate audiences worldwide. 

The capabilities of the Mocap suit and gloves enable quicker iterations. Also, with shorter development time frames, and a more dynamic creative process. From dynamic battle sequences to emotionally charged dialogues, our solution ensures that every element of Ubisoft Philippines’ games resonates with the player’s level. 

Ubisoft Philippines

As the presentation ended, the artists from UBISOFT Philippines tried our Mocap gloves. They were entertained by how easily and precisely they captured the finger movement that they were doing. 

One artist mentioned how it would be easier for them to draw finger movements. Another tried hand movements like the character they were doing to test how accurately our Mocap gloves capture movements. 

Ubisoft with Metavurx Studios


Therefore, the introduction to Ubisoft Philippines marks a pivotal moment in the junction of technology and creativity. With our motion capture solution, they will be delivering experiences that blur the lines between reality and the virtual realm. As the event unfolds, gamers worldwide can anticipate a new era in immersive storytelling and gameplay experiences from Ubisoft Philippines. 

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