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Metavurx Studios Inc. and Movella Showcased the Power of Xsens Mocap to GMA Network 

GMA Network

Collaboration and innovation are vital parts of the entertainment industry. It is one of the reasons why Movella and our team visited GMA Network. For Metavurx Studios and Movella, this is not just a meeting but an opportunity to share visions and start a journey to elevate industry standards. 

Our team were very excited to visit them as we share enthusiasm for innovation and creativity. Also, we believe this visit will unfold a creative pathway that will be truly amazing for both parties.  

The Warm Welcome at GMA Network

We were greeted with warmth and excitement upon arriving at GMA Network’s space. The anticipation in the air mirrored our own, and the exchange of introductions filled the day with excitement and curiosity. 

GMA Network is a major commercial television company in the Philippines. They are the network behind famous films and series like Mulawin, Voltes V: Legacy, Lolong, Victor Magtanggol, Darna, Encantadia, and Kambal Sirena, to name a few. 

As we settled on their space, we prepared our products and presented the highlights of Movella Xsens. The presentation was led by Movella Regional Sales Director for APAC South Ganga Gopal, who elaborated on how Motion Capture technology will make it much easier for GMA7 to do their films. 

Motion Capture Unleashed 

Metavurx Studios services are not exclusive to game development only; it can also be utilized for movie production. From body capture to finger tracking, Movella Xsens motion capture has you covered. 

Time is a crucial part of producing films or series because the strict deadlines for on-time airing should be met. Our Mocap technology will not only speed up the production process. But also deliver precise and quality results within minutes from start to finish. 

The Mocap technology will make it easier for GMA Network and make everything possible, especially for productions that require resizing characters or making creatures move precisely as they envisioned it to be. 

GMA Network

They were keen to know more during our presentation as they saw how it quickly transformed human movements into digital movements. Throughout the demonstration, discussions flowed seamlessly, and inquiries were answered, giving them clarity.  

GMA Network’s team seemed excited about the mocap technology, as it would improve CGI production and unlock all possible creative ideas that would shape the entertainment industry. 

The Road Ahead of Metavurx Studios, Movella, and GMA7 

As we end the day, the excitement for the future that would unfold is visible. Metavurx Studios’ vision and commitment to innovation to transform the entertainment industry promises a transformative collaboration. 

Moreover, the journey back to our headquarters was full of eagerness and anticipation for what lies ahead. As we look forward to seeing them elevate the industry, the road ahead is paved with promising growth. 

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