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Introducing Motion Capture and Game Development: A Highlight of NU Laguna Senior High School’s Immersion Trip at Metavurx Studios 

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Motion Capture and Game Development Industry: On June 11 and 13, 2024, NU Laguna Senior High School students visited Metavurx Studios as part of their educational immersion program. The visit was intended to give students a thorough understanding of the motion capture, game development, and animation industries. 

As soon as they arrived, students were clearly excited to explore the possibilities of digital creativity. This immersion trip was carefully designed to bridge the knowledge gap between academic study and practical industry applications. It provided a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and understanding from industry experts. 

Exploring the Animation and Game Development Industry 

To kick off the tour, the team from Metavurx Studios gave a thorough introduction to the game development industry. The students were presented with the fundamentals of game design, such as user experience, visuals, sound, and gaming mechanics. The team also provided insights into the creative process, from the first concept to the final product release. 

Students were able to observe how their academic knowledge may be utilized in a practical situation through this hands-on experience. The session highlighted creativity and teamwork to make hit games, inspiring students to consider careers in this exciting field. After the game creation session, the dynamic field of animation came into focus. 

The many phases of animation production—from concept conception to final rendering—were covered in class. Character design, storyboarding, and animation techniques were among the behind-the-scenes activities that most interested the students. 

Additionally, Metavurx Studios displayed its portfolio, which included animated creations and a showreel of the company. This workshop provided an excellent basis for comprehending the challenges and benefits of the animation business. 

Understanding Motion Capture Technology 

The last part of the visit was devoted to mocap technology, which is essential to creating animation and video games. The history, development, and industrial uses of motion capture were covered for the students. Also, a captivating demonstration of Xsens mocap was given, illustrating how human gestures are recorded and converted into digital animations.  

Students engaged in a live motion capture session and tested on gloves and a mocap suit, which both Matthew Lim and Kelly Cueto tried. Through hands-on experience, they observed how easily their movements are converted into digital reference, enhancing their understanding of the technology. In addition, students left the studio informed and inspired, with a greater understanding of the value of accuracy and originality in mocap. 

Conclusion and Impact on Students 

NU Laguna Senior High School students had an enriching educational immersion at Metavurx Studios. They learned a lot about these dynamic fields through the presentations about motion capture, game creation, and animation. Moreover, the practical understanding from professional insights and hands-on experiences bridged the knowledge gap between classroom teaching and industry application.  

This visit helped them gain more technical understanding and stoked their interest in digital creativity. As they utilize the knowledge they acquired at Metavurx Studios, this immersion will influence their future academic and professional decisions. We are also committed to nurturing and developing the next generation of talents to contribute significantly to the gaming and entertainment industry. 

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