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Introducing Motion Capture: A Highlight of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University’s Educational Trip at Metavurx Studios

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

IT and Multimedia Arts students from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University from General Santos City, South Cotabato, recently organized an educational trip and flew to visit Metavurx Studios. The objective of the visit was to provide students with a firsthand experience of cutting-edge technology and industry practices. Students were so eager to learn about the latest motion capture technology developments. 

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University at Metavurx Studios 

Exploring Motion Capture Technology 

Throughout their visit, students learned about various aspects of Metavurx Studios’ operations. They also gained insights into the latest developments in motion capture technology, which is utilized in game development and animation. During the presentation, a detailed overview of motion capture technology’s functions and applications in various industries was provided. 

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

Q&A and Interactive Session 

After the presentation, students were free to ask questions regarding matters that they wanted to clarify or confirm. They also had the opportunity to interact with our team, getting insightful answers and advice on their career aspirations. 

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

Metavurx Studios arranged an interactive session, allowing students to try the gloves and get a feel of the technology. As a result, they learned more about motion capture technology.

One of the students, Jonnel Monteagudo, performed in front of his classmates wearing the mocap suit. After getting his data, Metavurx Studios used it to show them what it would look like in an animation. After seeing the results, students were thrilled and pleased with how easy it was to do it.

Impact on Students’ Future Careers 

The educational trip significantly impacted the students’ outlook and career goals. Seeing how their theoretical learning will be used in the industry inspired many to consider career paths in animation and game development. The experience also highlighted the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments. 

Conclusion and Future Collaborations 

The Notre Dame of Dadiangas University students had an amazing and memorable experience during their educational trip to Metavurx Studios. It removed the gap between academic learning and industry application, highlighting the importance of practical knowledge. The institution and the company look forward to future collaborations to provide additional valuable student experiences. 

Metavurx Studios remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver top-tier experience and exposure. This initiative highlights the studio’s role as a dynamic force in cultivating the next generation of talent in the entertainment field. 

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

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